With most FullyInControl modules you can create tasks with regard to an activity to be carried out, for example in the case of a risk, measure, incident or, for example, a requirement of a standard. With an item, for example a measure, you can manage the associated tasks via a kanban board. You schedule the task, quickly change the status and determine, for example, who the performer is. You can see directly in the kanban board what the situation is and adjust it interactively in a session with those involved.

In the tasks module, the tasks that have been created from all modules can be centrally managed. You can filter and monitor them according to any insight. Possibly from standard filters that you use regularly. From the tasks module you can immediately see where the task belongs to a task. You can also create reminders for tasks, so that one or more people receive an email based on the planned dates and an item in the notification center, with a link to directly request the task, for example to follow up or update it.


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