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Fully In Control B.V. develops the new and highly innovative cloud platform FullyInControl. The platform for managing, among other things, assessments, inspections, risks, quality, safety and performance. The software integrates separate GRC software, risk management software, quality management software, ISMS software, PMS software, compliance management software and audit software.

We are a young organization of creative pragmatic thinkers and doers. Our people have many years of experience with modern software development and User Interaction Design. We like to experiment with new technology to see how it can help a user. We strive for a solution that not only performs well in function, but is flexible and at the same time pleasant to work with.

Interactive software

Focused on jointly achieving objectives

Efficiency-enhancing functions

That help to save a lot of time

Robust SAAS platform

In a distributed fault-tolerant environment

UX is always  central

Set up from the start from User Interaction design

Powerful flexible functionality

that supports every method

Modulair construction

You start with what you need and grow step by step

And we are not only very enthusiastic about our solution

FullyInControl is user-friendly and can think along with employees, so that they are supported as much as possible in what they do. Employees experience the benefits of smart and pragmatic support, which really helps us to issue an In Control statement.

Marcel Beukers Controller Governance & Compliance - Domesta

“Fully in Control can grow with us with the organization for an In Control statement and all compliance matters such as the BIO, the AVG and, for example, the environmental law. This allows us to integrate everything step by step into one system for which we now use various different applications."

Bastiaan van der Stoep Risk manager - Gemeente Gouda

With FullyInControl we are able to integrate everything step by step into one system for which we now use different Excel sheets or separate applications. We did not see the user-friendliness, flexibility and integrality reflected in other solutions. The information that is recorded will ensure that we are continuously audit ready. ”

Robert Hutchison Compliance Officer - De Jong en Laan

To meet the requirements of a PIE status, Fully in Control helps us to automate the interdependence between processes, risks, controls and tests.

Jacqo van Gastel Controller Thuisvester
Marcel Beukers
Bastiaan van der Stoep
Robert Hutchison
Jacqo van Gastel

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Fully In Control B.V. 

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Management team

The FullyInControl management team has extensive experience in both software development and consultancy domains, such as GRC, Performance management and Quality management. They also have experience in developing organizations into successful companies.

Frank Walraven

Managing director

Frank Walraven is the founder of FullyInControl and has more than 30 years of experience in the software industry. Frank was Vice President Sales and marketing at Planon for 15 years. At Planon he was for an important part res-ponsible for the growth from a small local player to a leading supplier of Facility Management and Corporate Real Estate Management Software in the world.

Geert Haisma

Vice President Sales & Partner

Geert Haisma has more than 25 years of experience at Consultancy organizations in the domain of Risk Management. He worked at AON Risk Consulting, Berenschot and subsequently founded the company NARIS. NARIS developed risk management software and guided organizations in the implementation of Risk Management. Geert was general manager here for 15 years

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