to a situation where you are        in Full Control

Our vision is that a good management system brings all management aspects together in one solution. In addition, the various aspects must become part of the daily management process.

For the achieving objectives for example, it should not only focus on the Key Success Factors with which the objectives of a project, program or an organization can be achieved, but also on the risks that influence this.

With FullyInControl you can grow step by step towards a total solution for steering an organization towards its objectives. So that one dashboard provides insight into the status of different management domains. And in one place there is insight into the status of all initiatives and measures to ensure the achievement of the organizational objectives.

From a partial to a total solution

so that you achieve your organizational objectives!

Within FullyInControl, the various management domains can be integrally managed from one solution. You can also start limited and later add new modules step by step to grow into one integrated system.

FullyInControl can be used specifically for, for example:

Step by step, at the pace of your organization, you can grow towards an integrated solution

Really one solution     

All FullyInControl modules work together integrally, use the same data and share components, audits and inspections.

Many management domains overlap. FullyInControl therefore combines a large number of domains in 1 solution. If you wish, you can slowly grow from a few modules to a total solution with, among other things, strategy, goals, GRC, quality management, ISMS and / or audit functionality. We can also easily add modules specifically tailored to the needs of your organization. This is done without programming, quickly and cheaply.
Also focused on the user

Extensive authorization functions 

keep it simple for everyone

The user roles assigned to a user in FullyInControl ensure that a basic user who only works with the solution occasionally is offered a very simple user interface with limited functionality and limited access to modules.

An expert user, on the other hand, is offered a large number of modules with very extensive functionality, tailored to his or her needs. In this way the solution adapts to everyone's needs and level.

The user roles can be put together and assigned yourself.

And we are not only very enthusiastic about our solution

FullyInControl is user-friendly and can think along with employees, so that they are supported as much as possible in what they do. Employees experience the benefits of smart and pragmatic support, which really helps us to issue an In Control statement.

Marcel Beukers Controller Governance & Compliance - Domesta

“Fully in Control can grow with us with the organization for an In Control statement and all compliance matters such as the BIO, the AVG and, for example, the environmental law. This allows us to integrate everything step by step into one system for which we now use various different applications."

Bastiaan van der Stoep Risk manager - Gemeente Gouda

With FullyInControl we are able to integrate everything step by step into one system for which we now use different Excel sheets or separate applications. We did not see the user-friendliness, flexibility and integrality reflected in other solutions. The information that is recorded will ensure that we are continuously audit ready. ”

Robert Hutchison Compliance Officer - De Jong en Laan

To meet the requirements of a PIE status, Fully in Control helps us to automate the interdependence between processes, risks, controls and tests.

Jacqo van Gastel Controller Thuisvester
Marcel Beukers
Bastiaan van der Stoep
Robert Hutchison
Jacqo van Gastel
Een versie voor ieder type organisatie

Geschikt voor een kleine gemeente tot een grote multi national

FullyInControl kent drie edities. De keuze voor een bepaalde versie hangt af van de omvang en behoefte van je organisatie. Je neemt een abonnement op een eenvoudige beperkte oplossing of kiest voor een enterprise systeem met alles wat je maar kunt bedenken. Ook hiervoor betaal je nog een normale abonnementsprijs!

Standaard Editie

Basis functionaliteit waarin je vooral vanuit voorgedefinieerde standaarden werkt. Geen uitgebreide details maar hierdoor blijft het overzichtelijk

Professional Editie

Voor de organisatie die meer eisen heeft en zelf ook eigen audits, vragenlijsten, rapporten etc. wil definiëren. En deze versie heeft meer geavanceerde mogelijkheden.

Enterprise Editie

Je kunt onbeperkt groeien en hebt geen beperkingen binnen onze oplossing. Ook eigen modules kunnen door ons geconfigureerd en toegevoegd worden.

What do you achieve 

Sustainable growth and success

Integrated management towards future developments is decisive for lasting success. Many financial, but also especially non-financial aspects are important here, such as:

  • Technologial and market developments 
  • innovation 
  • compliance 
  • development of employees 
  • information security
  • safety and health
  • environment
  • reputation etc. 

Initiatives and risk management in these areas are therefore essential to remain successful in the future.

If you would like to know how you can use FullyInControl to set up an integrated management system step by step for sustainable growth and success, please contact us or request more information.


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