Quickly a tailor-made management solution

for your organization or your target group 

FullyInControl offers various pragmatic and effective solutions for risk management, compliance management, quality management, smart audits, assessments, inspections or surveys. These software solutions are based on the unique strength of the FullyInControl platform.

The FullyInControl platform has a toolbox with which a custom solution can be created based on the FullyInControl component library and engines. Based on this, existing FullyInControl solutions can also be adapted quickly and easily, without programming, to the wishes of your organization in a very short time. But with FullyInControl you can also quickly configure your own application or module, aimed at the wishes of a target group or an organization. This without programming.

A solution for a target group can be put on the market so quickly, without the risks and high costs that the own development of your own solution entails.

A solution is configured simply and quickly.

No programmer is involved.

The basic components of the platform are based on the required functionality for risk management, compliance management, intelligent assessments, surveys, kanban boards for scrum and agile working, project management, task management, BI dashboards, repporting, etc. etc. We can quickly manage items , such as naming goals, projects, programs, risks, etc. and linking them together. The necessary functionality can then be added and the data that must be recorded can be determined. Do KPIs have to be calculated, no problem. If results must be visible in dashboards, this is how it is set up. A report can be fully tailored to your wishes or corporate identity. The result is available directly in MS-Word.

Based on the wishes of customers, for example, an extensive module for a policy folder, a processing register, an audit module for related parties and a module for incident registration, with which a business continuity plan can be automated, was configured in a few days.

Your own solution for your organization quickly

Or quickly put your own solution on the market

The FullyInControl platform can be used to quickly support a specific (management) problem within an organization with a simple automated solution. But with the FullyInControl platform we are also able to quickly offer an effective cloud solution for the needs of a specific target group in the market. Multilingualism and other internationalization options are available as standard.

If you have specific wishes or requirements for a required solution, please contact us quickly to discover what role our platform can play in your organization or in your solution. We are happy to explore a possible collaboration with you.
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