In control using our software for

Process and quality management

Process and quality management you manage full risk-based from FullyInControl and is an indispensable part in the management of an organization to meet the expectations of customers.

Perform better

Optimizing jour processes            and quality

FullyInControl supports Process and quality management:

  • Improving and optimizing processes (including lean)
  • The availability and accessibility of process diagrams and work instructions
  • Drawing up a Management Control Framework
  • Process-oriented audits
  • Making available to the controller, accountant or auditor of audits performed with tests and accompanying evidence to assess the correct operation of a process.

Quality management

Within FullyInControl you identify the risks that can cause problems within the processes, so that the expectations of the customer, citizen or environment cannot be met. You then determine the probability and impact of the risks. And when these are not acceptable, you determine and implement the necessary measures. You also periodically check whether certain measures are still effective.

Stop making thick quality manuals and start with risk analysis for optimizing processes

FullyInControl helps to implement quality management as a continuous process to manage the delivery of the agreed quality. So you can deliver what you promise, which is essential for long-term success. And of course FullyInControl is the tool to have the organization certified as confirmation that you are in control.

critical processes
Risk inventory
on the process

Audit with tests of the measures
Assess the quality of the process and adjust

Manage the certification process

  • Risk Management is central to all new ISO quality standards and also to FullyInControl
  • Documents and version management of this are clearly identified in the software and the review, approval process and the distribution of documents are managed via Fullyincontrol. The authorization is regulated, so that only people who are allowed to view the documents.
  • Audits can be easily defined and demonstrably run through periodically. Tablets can be used for this.
  • Non-conformities, a shortcoming or the "non-fulfillment of an obligation" from the standard, are (automatically) recorded in FullyInControl. The consequences can then be managed from FullyInControl with all necessary actions. This way there is always insight into the status.

Our software supports you

ISO Certification 

With Fullyincontrol you ensure that you come into control with regard to the implementation standards and that you start a constantly improvement process. Hereby it is clear at all times who is responsible and what the status of actions is.

FullyinControl supported among other things With the certification of an ISO quality management system for:

  • ISO 9001 - General Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001 - environmental management
  • ISO 22000 - Food Safety
  • ISO 27001 - Information security - ISMS
  • ISO 27701 - Privacy - PMS
  • ISO 29001 - Oil, gas, and petrochemical
  • ISO 16949 - Automotive sector
  • ISO 13485 - Medical instruments
  • etc.

The FullyInControl modules for Process and quality management

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Really one solution     

All FullyInControl modules work together integrally, use the same data and share components, audits and inspections.

Many management domains overlap. FullyInControl therefore combines a large number of domains in 1 solution. If you wish, you can slowly grow from a few modules to a total solution with, among other things, strategy, goals, GRC, quality management, ISMS and / or audit functionality. We can also easily add modules specifically tailored to the needs of your organization. This is done without programming, quickly and cheaply.