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Large companies and multinationals face many complex challenges. The world is changing faster and faster. There are more and more big risks from outside, the number of laws and regulations that must be complied with is constantly increasing. In addition, we are in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution, the amalgamation of the physical, digital and biological world. It is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, genetic engineering, quantum computing and other technologies. The augmented era is also discussed, which will offer a new way of collaboration between humans and robots. Computers that improve our thinking ability or robots that build cars or bridges on their own. These developments offer many opportunities, but also involve many risks. Agility and resilience help organizations to deal with this.

This means that the importance of performance management, modern risk management, scenario thinking, risk-based working, compliance and cybersecurity are becoming increasingly important for an organization to remain alert and to be able to make timely adjustments. Broad insight is needed to properly arrange everything internally. But also externally to be able to demonstrate to customers, regulators and government institutions that standards, laws and regulations are being met. This way, fines, negative publicity and / or loss of customers can be prevented.

Manage easily

Your strategy with goals, processes, risks, legislation and regulations to audits

With FullyInControl you inventory the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and the risks per objective, process or information system and you determine possible measures, tests and KPIs. You map out regulations and test compliance with all those rules. From information security to health and safety and the environment. You take and monitor corrective actions

Risk Based Performance Management or risk management driven by goals and processes has received increasing attention in recent years. In order to be "Fully In Control", the following topics are addressed in our platform:


Translate strategy into goals with a clear strategy map, determine risks and critical success factors with management information and KPIs.


Work out processes and determine the process risks with key controls and tests.

Standards and laws and regulations

Manage the ISO 27001, ISAE3402 and the GDPR, and many other standards Frameworks and/or laws and regulations.


Work risk-driven on projects to be able to complete them successfully.

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Many simple functions help you with this

FullyInControl is the solution for companies to get "In Control" simply and effectively. The solution supports medium-sized SMEs to multinationals with a platform and knowledge apps, with which they are relieved and supported:

Always in Control!

Lower the Cost of Compliance

As an organization, how do you manage the ever-expanding activities in the field of control and audit? And how do you keep these extra costs under control? In these times of rapid changes, it is important that you always have an up-to-date insight into your risks and that you are always "audit ready" with automated controls. The FullyInControl platform supports you in this to support your GRC or Control and Audit efficiently and effectively.

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A version for every type of organization

Suitable for a small municipality to a large multinational 

FullyInControl has three editions. The choice of a particular version depends on the size and needs of your organization. You subscribe to a simple limited solution or opt for an enterprise system with everything you can think of. For this you also pay a normal subscription price!

Standard Edition

Basic functionality in which you mainly work from predefined standards. No elaborate details. But everything remains so clear.

Professional Edition

For the organization that has more requirements and wants to define its own audits, questionnaires, reports, etc. And this version has more advanced capabilities.

Enterprise Edition

You can grow indefinitely and have no limitations within our solution. Our own modules can also be configured and added by us.