Referenties van FullyInControl klanten
Referenties van FullyInControl klanten
Referenties van FullyInControl klanten
Referenties van FullyInControl klanten
Referenties van FullyInControl klanten
Referenties van FullyInControl klanten
Referenties van FullyInControl klanten
Referenties van FullyInControl klanten
Referenties van FullyInControl klanten
Referenties van FullyInControl klanten

From small pragmatic solutions to an all-embracing Integrated Management System (IMS) that really helps to get In Control

FullyInControl is a modular and fully configurable cloud solution that can be tailored to the needs and processes of an organization. Whether it concerns the entire organization, a program, or a project, FullyInControl provides the tools that help you to be in control as quickly as possible.

Focused on success

FullyInControl supports management and employees in achieving objectives!

Perfect tooling

FullyInControl offers the tools to actually put plans into action, monitor progress and make adjustments!

Continuous improvement

FullyInControl supports continuous learning and improvement based on the Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) cycle!

Modern tools support interactive cooperation

FullyInControl uses modern tools to cooperate and exchange data with each other. Because getting in control is not something you do alone. Everything in FullyInControl works interactively and is aimed at putting what is intended into action together.

10 FullyInControl principles

These are the 10 principles we focused on when we developed FullyInControl:

Fully Integrated management solution, divided into modules to be purchased separately so that you are prepared for future needs.

All modules work fully together and share data. Everything is only fixed once. This creates a single source of truth.

App-store with knowledge bases with standards, knowledge, tools and best practices developed by knowledge partners and leading customers.

You use standards and best practices that you adapt or expand based on your own needs.

Full support PDCA Cycle (Deming) aimed at managing action and continuous learning and improvement.

Extensive and automated control and audit function whereby actions and / or issues are automatically generated based on the results.

Full audit trail of changes and actions, making everything demonstrable.

Dashboards and professional reports provide immediate insight and management information. They offer the possibility to request details and background where necessary.

Functions work completely interactively, independently on any device and location. Focused on optimal collaboration!

All modules work intuitively and are comparable, so there is a small learning curve.

Pragmatic software that really takes your organization further!

Knowledge Apps will help you in terms of content

You will be helped by standards, knowledge and best practices developed by our partners and together with customers. Offered in Knowledge Apps.

You quickly define your own audits, tests and inspections

With audits, tests, assessments, dialogues etc. you can quickly retrieve information from your organization and, for example, suppliers.

Clear reports and dashboards provide insight

Besides standard reports and dashboards, you quickly have strategic, tactical and operational management information to any desired insight.

Clear, simple and complete

An intuitive solution that you learn quickly, but also adapts to the individual user, so that everyone adopts it easily.

In control with

Integral objectives

You work out your strategy, complete with an interactive strategy map or business model canvas. You determine objectives, KSFs, risks and reinforcing and mitigating measures. And that's how you manage your success!

In control with

Governance Risk & Compliance Management

You map out risks and manage the implementation of selected measures. You check through compliance tests, audits or assessments whether measures are really effective and whether the organization is compliant with laws and regulations.

In control with

Extensive (project) Risk management

You map out structured risks through standards or dialogue sessions with employees, score them on probability and different impact categories, determine measures and plan actions to implement them.

In control with


You replace unstructured information (such as Excel sheets and separate point solutions) with a single source of truth. You have direct insight into the status of the degree of compliance, control measures, tasks, tests and issues.

In control with

Information security / GDPR (ISMS PMS)

Your ISMS and / or PMS is effectively supported. You have insight into the extent to which your information security and privacy are in order to prevent cyber attacks and data leaks. Whether it concerns the AVG, ISO27000, the BIO, the BIC or the NEN7510.
In control with

Process- and quality management

Manages your processes fully risk-based and ensures that your products and services meet the expectations of customers by delivering what has been agreed. For this you implement quality management as a continuous process.
In control with

and Audit

With extensive audit functionality it is possible to test, among other things, the design, existence and operation of control measures. This provides continuous insight into whether a process will deliver the result that is pursued based on the objectives.

In control with

(KYC), Customer and order acceptation

In connection with the Wwft and in accordance with their own fraud policy, organizations in the financial sector, for example, are obliged to know with whom they are doing business in order to have insight into the risks related to fraud.

In control with

Supplier management and related parties

Organizations have suppliers and Related Parties they depend on. They must monitor the extent to which these parties do not endanger the continuity of their own organization or cause major financial damage.

Manage success based on

Risk Based Performance Management

In FullyinControl you can manage your success with Objectives Management, also known as Risk Based Performance Management. You can place an integral management and control framework for managing and optimizing your organization. The emphasis is on strengthening the critical success factors within your organization and mitigation of the disruptive risks. Learning from incidents and audits also plays an important role.

FullyInControl was developed from the vision of integral goal management based on the Plan Do Check Act cycle for continuous learning and improving.

About Our SaaS

Customizable dashboards provide immediate insight

With FullyInControl you can quickly and easily compile your own dashboards or use standard dashboards. In this way everyone has a quick insight into the extent to which the organization or a project is in control. This makes communication with stakeholders extremely clear and efficient.

You click on items in the dashboards and you immediately get details. You drill down to a risk, activity, issue or task that you want to request more information about. This way you can get started right away.

You can choose from different graphs, radar charts, lists of items that require attention and, for example, different risk heat maps (risk matrix).

In this way you make clear what still needs to be done. Which risks require attention. Which issues arose from the latest audits and which activities are overdue.


Click on heat maps and see which risks have a high or low impact. Click on a risk to go directly to the details.


Immediately see which tasks or measures have or have not been taken, which must be taken up by you this month or which are too late.

Monitor the progress of actions

Get direct insight per category, section, department etc. via graphs and spider web diagrams how goals, risks and measures are distributed

Gain insight

MS-Word and Excel reports in your own corporate identity

Clear reports can be generated in MS-Word or Excel, so that, for example, the introduction to a report can be quickly adapted for a meeting. Whether it concerns lists or a management report, reports can be compiled at your own discretion with extensive functions. Just like in dashboards, FullyInControl provides elements in the report with hyperlinks to request backgrounds about risks, regulations, measures, issues or actions directly from a report in the software. The report remains compact and if you want to know more, click on the hyperlink to request and go through all the details about an item in the software.

And we are not only very enthusiastic about our solution

FullyInControl is user-friendly and can think along with employees, so that they are supported as much as possible in what they do. Employees experience the benefits of smart and pragmatic support, which really helps us to issue an In Control statement.

Marcel Beukers Controller Governance & Compliance - Domesta

“Fully in Control can grow with us with the organization for an In Control statement and all compliance matters such as the BIO, the AVG and, for example, the environmental law. This allows us to integrate everything step by step into one system for which we now use various different applications."

Bastiaan van der Stoep Risk manager - Gemeente Gouda

With FullyInControl we are able to integrate everything step by step into one system for which we now use different Excel sheets or separate applications. We did not see the user-friendliness, flexibility and integrality reflected in other solutions. The information that is recorded will ensure that we are continuously audit ready. ”

Robert Hutchison Compliance Officer - De Jong en Laan

To meet the requirements of a PIE status, Fully in Control helps us to automate the interdependence between processes, risks, controls and tests.

Jacqo van Gastel Controller Thuisvester
Marcel Beukers
Bastiaan van der Stoep
Robert Hutchison
Jacqo van Gastel
A version for every type of organization

Suitable for a small municipality to a large multinational

FullyInControl has three editions. The choice of a particular version depends on the size and needs of your organization. You subscribe to a simple limited solution or opt for an enterprise system with everything you can think of. For this you also pay a normal subscription price!

Standard Edition

Basic functionality in which you mainly work from predefined standards. No elaborate details. But everything remains so clear.

Professional Edition

For the organization that has more requirements and wants to define its own audits, questionnaires, reports, etc. And this version has more advanced capabilities.

Enterprise Edition

You can grow indefinitely and have no limitations within our solution. Our own modules can also be configured and added by us.

Really one solution

All FullyInControl modules work together integrally, use the same data and share components, audits and inspections.

Many management domains overlap. FullyInControl therefore combines a large number of domains in 1 solution. If you wish, you can slowly grow from a few modules to a total solution with, among other things, strategy, goals, GRC, quality management, ISMS and / or audit functionality. We can also easily add modules specifically tailored to the needs of your organization. This is done without programming, quickly and cheaply.