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The control function and associated audits

With the extensive audit functionality of FullyInControl it is possible to test, among other things, the design, the existence of and the operation of control measures for (process) risks. In this way it can be continuously analyzed whether a process will yield the result that is pursued based on the objectives. Compliance with the requirements in standards, frameworks and legislation and regulations can also be audited. The first, second and third lines are fully supported.

You send out questionnaires and audit directly from FullyInControl


Effectively manage your audits and tests

With tests you check whether the implemented measures are effective for the various (process) risks or whether a requirement from a standard is met. The combination of tests in an audit provides an assessment of the process or other assessment object.

Issues can also be automatically generated that need to be followed up, for example to correct measures. The method of the audit functionality of FullyInControl ensures optimal efficiency and control.
When performing any type of audit

Focus on simplicity, speed and accuracy!

With FullyInControl you perform (periodic) audits, tests, recordings, inspections or surveys. Everything is aimed at making recordings and registrations as simple, correct and as fast as possible. During the recording, photos, issues and / or tasks can be added immediately. You can configure a questionnaire in no time. The questionnaires and inspections can be done via PC, tablet or Smartphone. The data is processed directly in the cloud on secure servers.

The FullyInControl modules for the control function and associated audits

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Control & Audit

With the Control & amp; Audit modules allow you to set up a management and control framework for managing and optimizing your organization.

With FullyInControl you quickly have your control framework in order and you automate the audits and tests. The first and second line are automatically controlled to perform the right actions at the right time. At the same time you collect evidence and everything is always audit ready. 

About Our SaaS

Really one solution     

All FullyInControl modules work together integrally, use the same data and share components, audits and inspections.

Many management domains overlap. FullyInControl therefore combines a large number of domains in 1 solution. If you wish, you can slowly grow from a few modules to a total solution with, among other things, strategy, goals, GRC, quality management, ISMS and / or audit functionality. We can also easily add modules specifically tailored to the needs of your organization. This is done without programming, quickly and cheaply.