Always in control
With the set of modules for

GRC - Governance Risk & Compliance management

Getting your governance, risk management and compliance management in order? FullyInControl automates your GRC processes, gives you insight and helps you make the right choices. Within only GRC or also within other management domains. Because they are all in one platform. So you always know where your organization stands and that gives you peace of mind.

With the FullyInControl platform, you steer toward higher GRC maturity and always know what needs to be done around governance, risk and compliance management. Are risks adequately covered? What is the status of measures? Are they effective? Have tests and audits been performed? To what extent do we comply with all standards and regulations?

FullyInControl gives you real insight and control.

Get rid of duplication, high costs, spreadsheets and little overview !

A single source of truth

All data are only fixed once and are in 1 place. Nice and clear.


Plan Do Check Act

Based on Plan Do Check Act, you make sure that you continuously improve.


Always audit ready

Continuous monitoring ensures that you are always up-to-date and know where you stand.


Manage your Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) in 1 software platform


With FullyInControl Governance software, you have one place to define the governance requirements your organization wants to meet. Creating policies, implementing them and keeping them up to date is structured and takes less time. You are truly helped to keep your organization's governance model in order.


Create sound policies with examples from our knowledge bases


Manage policy implementation and have visibility into status.


Easily keep your policies complete and up-to-date

Risk Management

FullyInControl Risk management software helps you work in a risk-driven way. Periodically you map risks, including through dialogue sessions, our knowledge bases and through artificial intelligence (AI). You determine your risk appetite and value risks. If necessary, you determine control measures and manage their implementation. Periodically you test the measures for effectiveness. In this way you will be prepared, prevent damage and guarantee continuity.

Artificial Intelligence

AI helps you identify the important risks and determine measures.

Risk rating

You can vary your risk rating by risk type (probability x impact categories)

Always In Control

You are always in control in an ever faster changing world

Compliance management

With FullyInControl Compliance Software, you immediately know if you are in compliance with relevant standards, frameworks and laws and regulations. Whether it's an ISO Standard, COSO, SOX, ISAE3402, SOC2 the AVG/GDPR or DORA. Commonly used standards and frameworks are standard and own standards and frameworks can be added. You determine and plan with automated periodic audits and tests whether control measures are effective. You can even involve your colleagues without an account in this. So you always know to what extent a standard or framework has been covered. That gives peace of mind

Lower the Cost of Compliance

Make the compliance process simpler and more efficient and save tremendously on costs

Reduce workload

Reduce workload through smarter and automated testing

Create tranquility

Create peace of mind with a single source of truth and an always audit ready situation


Success factors in implementing GRC

Our clients

Wondering how FullyInControl works at other organizations?

"The name 'Fully In Control' says it all - we want to be fully in control. A well-functioning and user-friendly risk management system helps with that. Reasons for joining forces with Fully In Control are therefore the user-friendliness of the software, the possibility of holding digital risk sessions via 'dialogues', the modular design and clear dashboards that are directly visible to management anytime, and of course out of cost considerations."

City of Haarlem

"Fully In Control helps us engage the entire organization on topics such as risk management and compliance, which are usually less popular. For example, by working with questionnaires that make it easy to collect and quantify risks. Our risk owners are enthusiastic about how easily they can provide the status of their risks periodically without logging into the system. Simple and user-friendly, in other words."


"Within Gasunie, we set high standards for supplier professionalism and product safety. During the selection of a GRC supplier, Fully In Control stood out as a mature and thorough supplier with a very complete solution. FullyInControl is well thought out and modular to implement. The modular design allows FullyInControl to easily grow with us in the future as well."



GRC software, but easy

A complete and enjoyable system

What good is a management system that your colleagues don't understand? FullyInControl is a highly intuitive solution that is quickly mastered and easily adapted to the needs of the organization and individual users. This way, everyone quickly becomes familiar with it and collaboration becomes easier. This is how you work together for success!

Clarity and efficiency at its best

In our GRC software, you have all the data in one place. For example, with one measure you can: implement policy, mitigate different risks and cover multiple requirements in a number of standards and frameworks. You then also only need to test the measure once. Also in combination with our ISMS and Quality Management modules.

Examples in the knowledge bases and through AI

You don't have to reinvent the wheel with FullyInControl. In our knowledge bases you will find standards, knowledge and best practices that you can adopt and adapt to your organizational needs. But also through our AI engine, you will also be helped with examples everywhere through Artificial intelligence.

Your information remains secure

The security of your information is a top priority for us. We are ISO27001-certified, have an extensive rights system and your data is maximally protected against outside threats. All data is stored in the most secure data centers in Europe and monitored 24/7.

Your all-in-one solution

You don't have to start with the full GRC solution. You can implement risk management first and expand modules later. You don't have to stop at GRC but can grow with many other modules and solutions.

All modules work together and use the same data. Choose a solution that best suits your organization and add modules later as needed.

That way you stay in control, without the clutter of spreadsheets and subsystems.

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35+ comprehensive modules

With the combination of modules you turn every solution into customization

Below are the modules included by default in GRC

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