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Professional software for healthcare organizations for Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, your ISMS and quality management, among others, tailored to your organization.

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In the healthcare sector, healthcare facilities face unique challenges. One of the biggest obstacles facing Hospitals, mental health, mental health and nursing facilities is the phenomenon of compliance silos. These silos create barriers between different departments, hindering communication and collaboration. This can lead to inefficiencies and suboptimal decision-making. In addition, healthcare organizations are faced with the complexity of regulations and compliance requirements, such as NEN7510, NIS2, PIMS and compliance with the general healthcare law and proprietary standards frameworks. The changing landscape of laws, regulations and quality standards makes it difficult for healthcare organizations to keep up and meet ever-increasing requirements. With FullyInControl, you address these challenges proactively. This not only has a positive effect on your organization but also on the quality of care for everyone.

Risk-driven work

FullyInControl understands the unique needs of the healthcare industry. Our intergral management system offers a streamlined approach focused on risk-based operations and process management within healthcare organizations. In addition, FullyInControl provides the control frameworks you use to ensure compliance and manage risk. Our software provides a central location for managing all compliance requirements, from laws and regulations to internal quality standards in one system. This enables your organization to break through compliance silos and allows departments to work better together. This promotes efficiency and innovation within your organization.

Simpler compliant

FullyInControl not only enables you to break compliance silos, but also to manage complex regulations and frameworks. With automated reviews of control frameworks, compliance with regulations such as the General Care Act, WLZ, WGBO and proprietary standards frameworks is streamlined and simplified, and there can be huge cost savings. Employees are also no longer harassed multiple times for the same thing. 

With FullyInControl, you have access to advanced automation capabilities that simplify your operational processes and make it possible to save tremendously on compliance costs.

ISMS Information Security

With FullyInControl you set up a powerful Information Security Management System(ISMS) based on the NEN7510. You can easily expand this to also comply with NIS2. FullyInControl supports an ISMS in all aspects and provides insight into the status and effectiveness of measures to be implemented. FullyInControl helps you take information security in your healthcare organization to the next level, giving you peace of mind.

A healthcare facility has a lot of privacy-sensitive data. So it is essential to give this sufficient attention. FullyInControl supports your healthcare organization's Data Protection Management System(DPMS) to comply with the AVG/GDPR. Simply, to monitor privacy, you set up the processing register, perform DPIAs and ensure that personal data is handled properly. All other obligations under the AVG are also managed.

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Many thousands of users are supported daily to get in control and rely on FullyInControl with an integrated or partial solution.

"Together with Fully In Control, we have got an important process in place, giving us continuous assurance that we are working for clients and on assignments that meet our quality standard for us. Although client and assignment acceptance can also sometimes be perceived as a 'must' by professionals and clients involved, it is one of the guarantees that all participants in economic transactions are playing by the same rules. We are confident that together with Fully in Control we can also quickly and effectively implement future laws and regulations in this area."


Leonieke van der Meer

"We were surprised at how quickly the system was adaptable to our needs, without any programming. The system provides Alpina Group, as one of the largest financial advisory companies in the Netherlands, with the right support for managing complex processes, complying with laws and regulations and effectively managing risks. The collaboration with Fully in Control has grown into a mutual partnership, where we strengthen and challenge each other to make a real difference with the FullyInControl software."

Alpina Group

Jordy van Heemst

"As the City of Amsterdam, we chose Fully In Control because we were looking for a user-friendly and flexible platform for our risk management and compliance activities. The available information gives us insight to better steer, control and accountability at policy program and organizational level. Due to its modular structure, the system is very flexible to set up, connect to specific set-up needs and easily expand. It also gives the opportunity to involve the first line without bothering them with a system."

Municipality of Amsterdam

Team Risk Management

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