Standars and Frameworks 
Law & Regulations

FullyInControl helps to manage the requirements from legislation and regulations, frameworks and standards and to link them to measures, policies and processes. Whether it concerns the GDPR, an ISO standard, such as the 9000 or the 27000 series, the BIO - BIC or NEN7510, COSO, SOx, ISAE 3402 or NIST. You can easily and quickly add your own framework or standard and link existing measures to it. For example, measures are always recorded only once and are only managed once. In this module you determine to what extent measures cover the requirements in a framework or standard, so that it immediately becomes visible how compliant your organization is. From the FullyInControl knowledge bases, measures, policies and example processes are provided that help to implement missing parts of a framework or standard. In this way, the module helps to get in control with regard to compliance or a certification process as quickly as possible.


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