Processes can be designed, drawn and viewed in FullyInControl. Process steps in the process diagram can be linked to parts that are managed in FullyInControl, such as risks, information systems, functions, etc.

The process diagrams work interactively. By clicking on a process step, all linked information is displayed via an information bar and you can "click through" to the desired linked part. Work instructions can also be added and improvement options can be recorded and managed. New versions of the processes with work instructions can also be created. First as a proposal and later final. This way, the future, current and previous situation is quickly and easily visible and available.

The functionality is, just like in the entire platform, location independent, so that several people can work simultaneously in a process. Handy if you are discussing a process with several people or if you want to collaborate remotely. Where necessary, the module works integrally with the other FullyInControl modules. In this way you immediately inventory the process risks and link the supporting information systems.


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