With the FullyInControl Dialogue module you can easily support Dialogue sessions. People are invited to share their contribution via a digital form, which is then immediately visible in the system. You organize a dialogue session for an inventory of the most important goals that the organization should pursue based on the strategy, just as easily as the inventory of the most important risks, causes and consequences of a risk and possible measures. You can make an inventory of the risk appetite for a target by a group of people, or have a group of stakeholders score risks on probability and impact.

You organize a brainstorm just as easily for, for example, an inventory of the general organizational risks as for, for example, the risks associated with an objective, project, process or critical information system. The risks entered by participants of a dialogue session are automatically linked to, for example, the objective, project or process to which they belong. Via a kanban board (kind of planning board) with an item you decide with the group what to do. For rated risks, the average risk level becomes visible with the standard deviation to see if there are major deviations in the assessment. Based on this, you can request the details to enter into the discussion about the valuation and discuss differences in perception. For example, with the Dialogue module you can easily involve everyone regardless of place and time.


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